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I feel old now

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My Canadian

I fell in love and i couldnt be happier. He’s all i’ve known now for 1 year and 4 months thats 486.989 days BAM!! Lol. You guys lets be clear he lives in Canada while im in Georgia A whole ‘nother country!! I’ve loved Jorge Martinez from the day I met him..literally i fell head over heals for him as we were talking lol he turned my gray mornings into sunshine! I honestly cant believe im in love at such a young age but no matter how hard i try i cant shake the feeling that Jorge is the one im bound to marry one day. No matter the distance the ups and downs the twist and all the days i may annoy him or even days where he’s gone for long periods of time and all i have is old text to go by, I still love him with all my fucking heart. Sure we never got to see eachother or feel each other or anything and Maybe he’s changed or maybe he lost his feelings for me but i will ALWAYS love him. Jorge holds a special place in my heart forever because You never forget your first true love.

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Did Jorge ever have any songs dedicated to him?

Lol yea plenty. One of them were At your best you’re loved-Aaliyah, another was I Don’t Mind - immature I’m kind of an oldie person there were so many lol this is a good question. Who are you? 😊

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This is by far my favorite tweet ever.

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Really Jordan we all told you he's too far for you to fall in love and you told us love has no distance. So who's in the wrong ? I don't feel sorry for you. Jorge is a very handsome boy with good intentions but you just got to think maybe you were just another girl. Do you want ice cream? Maybe some netflix?

😑😒😔 you guys are terrible fucking friends 👌say no more

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We sent that months ago it's em I'm on your account what happened ?

Nothing . .